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The night robots predicted humans better than the humans

An improbable victory, predicted by our EagleAi.

We paired up with ITV news on one of the biggest news nights of the year - the US presidential election - to introduce a new revolutionary tool that offers an alternative to traditional ways of polling, EagleAi.

Purpose designed and built for the 2016 presidential election by Havas Cognitive, EagleAi is a learning Artificial Intelligence tool that can interpert and understand data on a scale like never before.

Led by Lisa De Bonis, Executive Digital Director at Havas London, the Havas team fed it with billions of data points dating back to the moment Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were selected at their respective party conventions. It was taught to understand sentiment, tone emotion and intention, spotting patterns connections and algorithims just like a human brain, but at a volume and speed that is not humanly possible. 

After feeding on content from countless speeches, 15 million articles, hundred of political feeds, three presidential debates, social posts and millions more sources - this extraordinary piece of AI - the first of its kind to appear live on television - predicted that Donald Trump was to be the likely winner of the campaign with no prior vested interest, bias or preconceptions. Just purely based on the hardcore facts.

And really that is the beauty of it all, the AI feeds solely on data, giving a clear indication on how the people were actually thinking and feeling in the moment. 


EagleAi was right, artificial intelligence predicted the right outcome. And that's the reason we believe cognitive is just at the start of its evolution.


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