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Signing Natalie Dormer for EA’s newest instalment of the Mass Effect video game series

As EA’s retained PR agency we are responsible for releasing their latest titles. In 2017 we not only launched the newest instalment of the Mass Effect series, but also secured A-list actress Natalie Dormer as the voice of a brand new character.


We knew she was the perfect fit given her rich experience in the fantasy genre though Game of Thrones and her instantly recognisable voice and blockbuster appeal allowed a natural crossover to Mass Effect.

We were not only responsible for her end-to-end partnership with EA but were in charge of leading with the communications plan and PR activity around her involvement.


As part of a targeted cross-over media strategy, we secured interviews in major publications such as Mashable, Wire and The Guardian to raise awareness of the launch.

We also created content to promote and reveal her involvement, filming and editing 3 films to be pushed out as part of the campaign, with one of them being hosted on the clients global channels and receiving over 1 million views.


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