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Changing the eating-habits of a nation.
One tiny bite at a time

Changing the eating-habits of a nation. One tiny bite at a time Ella's Kitchen is the UK's number 1 baby food brand. The heartbeat of their business is demonstrating to parents that no-one understands babies better than Ella's.

We launched the first ‘always on’ YouTube channel dedicated to weaning with the aim of engaging the 7,500 new parents who are starting weaning for the first time each week.

We also established the world’s first sensory weaning restaurant – the Weeny Weaning Restaurant – to help Ella’s Kitchen educate parents about the importance of creating a healthy relationship between children and food.

We reached out to the new parent community and found mums and dads across the weaning journey who could front our channel.

We built a suite of Hub, Hygiene and Hero content around them (26 films in total), added in some Ella’s advice and the ‘Weeny Weaning Channel’ was born, packed with everything a new-to-weaning Mum or Dad would need to know.


  • Launched in May 2015 , the Weaning Channel has become a ‘baby version’ of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, with numbers far beyond our expectations.
  • During the first 7 weeks of the campaign, c.52,500 people will have begun weaning their first child. We’ve had 23,745 unique visits to the channel. That’s 45% of our target and 200% of our KPI.
  • Not only that, but once there, each visitor has watched 3.5 different videos on average, with a total viewing time of 3 min 18 seconds.

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