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Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Creative production, Digital, Integrated marketing

One of the Top 30 most viewed agencies for 2017

Building an influencer positioning to aggressively recruit new drinkers. 

Our challenge was ‘to aggressively recruit new drinkers
 for Vitaminwater across North West Europe and the Nordics and grow the brand whilst maintaining its premium price. 
We wanted to build an influencer positioning of Vitaminwater as a cool brand for cultural creatives. We developed a new space for the brand as the one that helps sustain you through the highs and lows of creative endeavours. 

To create this positioning we used the brand’s advertising to inspire the next generation of creative talent. To support the brand’s traditional above the line activity, and to give the greatest social currency, our campaign featured cultural entrepreneurs and talented creative influencers with the call-to-action #shinebright. Each flavour variant of the brand was personified by a character whose body language and styling symbolised the variant benefit.

We conducted a grassroots talent search and selected our cultural entrepreneurs on the basis of strong work ethic and exceptional talent. These cultural entrepreneurs set people challenges on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, inviting them to show off their creative skills for a chance to win a one-to-one creative mentoring experience. We created a microsite to host all of the content and be the hub of the social campaign and launched a pop-up #shinebright studio in London’s Box Park. 

And it paid off. Results included a 30% increase in Twitter followers and 900% increase in Twitter engagement, a 211% increase in Facebook engagement and 434% increase in Facebook impressions. Overall in the UK alone, we achieved the highest ever recognition levels and strongest brand linkage for any Vitamin Water campaign. 



Leo Burnett


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