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Peroni Nastro Azzurro,The House of Peroni 


The Challenge:  

In 2010 SABMiller needed to breathe new life in to their Peroni brand. Growth was slowing and there were worrying signs that the Italian style positioning was failing to engage the younger contemporary audience. 

The Strategy:

Our solution was to create a new platform, The House of Peroni. Inspired by the great Italian fashion houses, the platform was designed to generate a flow of ever changing experiences and stories that would engage the hard to reach trend setter audience, establish it as ‘more premium’ in the market and achieve a leading price premium at the bar.

The Campaign:

At its heart The House of Peroni is a partnership between the brand and the best talent from the world of Italian culture - be it fashion, film, art, food or drink.

Now in its 7th year, the House of Peroni has been through 14 iterations (2 per year) which are activated across channels.  For each iteration we collaborate with a new group of these Italian cultural leaders, generating experiences, content and stories that speak to that most elusive of audiences - the urban trendsetter. 

Each iteration is built around a single theme and each theme informs a different set of collaborators who create a totally unique ‘House’. Our most recent theme was 'Amare l’Italia' (For the love of Italy) for which our collaborators were Margherita Missoni from the legendary fashion family, world renowned chef Francesco Mazzei and mixologist Simone Caporale.

Since 2010 we’ve worked with 360 influencers from food, drink, fashion and film, creating 49 films, commissioned 50 unique artworks, published a long running Peroni magazine, and even created a Peroni scent. We have even used our collaborators to create the next generation of glassware for the brand.

The Results:

The House of Peroni has helped the brand assume a genuinely elevated position within the category, and even though it spends less on advertising than its main competitors it enjoys greater salience and advocacy.

It is now the leading UK premium lager by value, with the best price premium in the market.

66,000 visitors to the residencies to date, who clocked a three-hour average dwell time.

• Brand awareness among ‘trendsetters’ is at 24% - the highest result for any Peroni activation in Europe.

5 billion social impressions

970,000 websites visits

1,500 media articles / £14m in PR value

£250,000 of revenue taken at the houses


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