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Just Eat

Find Your Flavour



The Challenge

The business opportunity for Just Eat is to expand into new cuisines and new occasions, changing the nation's food delivery habits by becoming the brand that makes food discovery exciting for everyone.



The Solution

Changing eating behaviour can be difficult and sometimes it's hard to articulate what we really want. We know that there's delicious food potential in all of us, it just needs to be nurtured to action. The only thing stopping us making an exciting food choice is ourselves, so we need to help people unless their inner food mood.

The new integrated campain helps people discover new and exciting foods by confronting them with the humdrum choices they're usually happy to make. To do this, the advertising campaign features a variety of celibrity voices including Bill Nighy, Matt Lucas and Rowan Atkinson speaking through solid but otherwise uninspiring food choices - to inspire people to think about what they really want to eat. The campaign sees eaters realise their inner food mood and pull our the Just Eat app in order to find their flavour.


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