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Compelling transformational truth: Rise above category negativity to reach a larger audience – Triggering the financially proactive 

In late 2015 Noddle was ready for its first push onto TV led advertising. Our brand story began with identifying that the credit reporting category was perceived negatively, both in terms of trust and service as well as how it was utilised by customers. The larger opportunity was to engage an audience looking to maintain and build their financial health as opposed to only seeking a credit reporting service when concerned about their credit. 

To achieve this, the creative focus was on demonstrating the wide range of people already using the service to achieve their life goals. The ‘Meet The Noddlers’ campaign which ran on TV, digital and OOH humanised a functional proposition and made it into something emotionally relevant and desirable. Utilising a compelling and considered brand response approach took sign ups from 1.5 million to 2.1 million in 3 months, showing with a positive approach it really was Good To Noddle.

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