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Although a popular stress reliever since 1930, Rescue Remedy has always suffered from little widespread awareness. Commercially our challenge was to grow the brand by +10% YoY and create a halo effect over the entire range.

Our TV solution disrupted convention in an entirely new way. An almost silent, plain yellow 30” TV spot. No dense action or anxious science. Just a single calmly spoken word with a caption: “Stop...”.

The YouTube pre-roll even encouraged people to calmly skip the ad, but the rate of people staying to the end was 20% above average.And our recent London underground campaign encouraged true interaction by inviting commuters to breathe deeply.


Following the TVC, week-on-week sales increased +30%. Sales went up +67% vs 12 week prior campaign in Sainsbury's.

Rescue became no.1 in the category in monthly unit sales for 6 months. 

While, all portfolio SKUs grew. The TVC was also awarded best TVC at the 2016 OTC Marketing Awards. 

This year's outdoor campaign has just posted +23% sales in Boots stores.

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