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The British Academy of Film and Television Arts is an independent charity that supports, develops and promotes the art forms of the moving image, encompassing sectors including film, television, and video games.

The Challenge:

BAFTA is a world-renowned organization with a heritage and prestige like no other. It also means different things to different people and industries, so the constant creative challenge is delivering work that stays true to the over arching principles and values of BAFTA, while identifying and connecting with the varied sectors in which it works, be that film, TV, or video games. Uber’s continuing relationship with BAFTA has seen briefs to produce the invite and ticket designs for all the aforementioned industry awards ceremonies, dinner menus and party invites, as well as the creation of an outdoor campaign, and the showpiece trailer for the film awards in 2015 and 2016, with a 2017 piece now in the works.

The Solution:

Über approaches every BAFTA project with the guiding principle that it must appropriately represent the organization at all times. The work has to ‘be’ BAFTA in its essence, aiming to celebrate, reward and inspire artists and the public in the UK and abroad.

We then have to ensure it resonates with the professionals and interest groups of the subject industry, which can be a challenge when for example a heritage-rich, 70 year old organisation such as BAFTA meets a cutting edge, young medium such as video games.

The film awards trailer aims to excite people about the upcoming event and encourage them to tune in and watch the BBC broadcast, featuring on all cinema screens across the UK and on the BBC itself in the lead-up to the big day. The challenge of showcasing the attending talent and utilizing footage from the previous year’s ceremony, while creating a concept that is distinct and engaging from what has gone before, is one that Über has embraced for the last two years. On both occasions we recruited the services of long-time BAFTA awards host Stephen Fry to lend his unique gravitas to the piece, and we are already hard at work producing the trailer for the 2017 event, so watch this space!

The Results

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