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Over a five year relationship with Nivea Men we have taken the brand to the number one position in the skincare market in Europe, two years ahead of target.  Here’s how we did it:

  • Digitally re-activated underperforming football sponsorships across Europe
  • Developed a social content strategy that became adopted globally
  • Created synergy between social, digital and sampling to create record sales
  • Created hero content to launch New Nivea Men Creme globally


Life Hacks 

Social channels are amazing for creating loyalty, brand conversation and if you do it really well, save you hundreds of thousands through earned media. However, skincare certainly isn’t the number one subject men want to talk about socially. We developed the Life Hack campaign to position Nivea Men as the ultimate Life Hack – the fast way to look and feel good. We then developed a global content strategy that armed men with a plethora of other Life Hacks to help them short cut their way through all the other time consuming hassles life throws at them.


Man Of The Match 

Male non-users are notoriously difficult to talk to about moisturiser – they simply don’t think they need it. Sampling is recognised as the best way of changing that mind-set, but faces the problem of restricted reach. We created a campaign that synergised digital, sampling and social channels by leveraging Nivea Men’s football credentials to create a spectacle that got men around the world talking.


The Double 

Nivea Men Crème is a moisturiser aimed at the giant proportion of the male market that don’t believe they need moisturiser – and certainly don’t want to watch traditional TV advertising that simply outlays the cream’s attributes. We needed to plant the seed with non-users that when you feel better you do better. And what better way to reach men than through comedy – a tongue in cheek riff on Dostoevsky’s classic The Double.

Nivea Men Life Hacks from Stack agency on Vimeo.
NIVEA MEN - Man Of The Match from Stack agency on Vimeo.
NIVEA MEN - The Double from Stack agency on Vimeo.
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