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Domino's: @DomTheChatBot 

The way people order pizzas has changed with new technological advances, and people expect to be able to order a pizza with one click of a button, rather than traditional methods which are more labour intensive for the user. Domino’s Pizza wanted to stay ahead of this curve and continue their drive to be known as the most innovative company in the fast-food sector.

Family decision makers expect fast-food ordering to be quicker and easier than ever before, and at the same time are using 1-to-1 messaging apps to consistently stay connected. They are open to brand interaction, but want to be entertained along the way and feel a human connection between brand and customer.

We created the first ecommerce Facebook Messenger chatbot in the UK that enabled users to order their favourite ‘easy orders’ by just typing ‘pizza’. 'Dom' is a chatbot which allows consumers with an existing Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ account to order pizza directly through Facebook Messenger. Not only is the bot functional, it also brings the Domino’s Pizza brand to life with a witty script, designed to make the experience of ordering a pizza funny and memorable.


- The story gained +55 pieces of coverage across national titles including The Sun, The Mirror, METRO and Mashable. 
- Total campaign reach of 10,402,211. 
- Positioned Domino's as an innovator with its industry.



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