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Hello Bank! Hello Play

Hello Bank, BNP Paribas’ mobile bank, wanted to help customers live and breathe their passion for music by investing in its future.

We created Hello Play: the world’s first crowd-funding music platform, with its own virtual currency, Hello Coins. Through this, Hello Bank!'s customers and non-customers alike can fund music projects, helping support the future of music.

To get involved, people can visit the Hello Play! platform and connect to their usual streaming service (Spotify, SoundCloud, Last FM etc.). Then, by listening to songs, users collect a virtual currency called Hello Coins, which they can redistribute to a choice of music projects. Hello Bank! then transforms the Hello Coins into real money to fund these projects.

Just weeks after launch, almost half a million Hello Coins were sent to 28 music projects. With eight fully financed after one month.





Word spread amongst music lovers and beyond, with more than 2,000 tweets mentioning the project and highly positive press coverage.



We’re on our way to helping hundreds more music creators, allowing Hello Bank’s customers give something back to the music they love.

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