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Only 1:5 people working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is a woman.

EDF Energy want to change this.



The rejection of sciences broadly coincides with puberty. There is a geeky and just for boys stigma is attached to Stem by teenage girls.  

The key to our approach was to understand that young girls do like science, but they drop out of it because science is not portraying aspirational role models they can relate to. If we could change this poor image of STEM, then we can show girls that to continue with these subjects will not represent a negative identity choice.


We developed the Pretty Curious Studio - framing STEM in a creative context to refresh the stereotypical image associated to science and bring it closer to girls. We created a series of empowering hands-on experiences for girls aged 12-13 to showcase exciting opportunities in the STEM world. We identified key pillars that are important to girls of that age and brought these areas to life to demonstrate how STEM plays a role in her everyday life and can be creative.

The Snapchatter zone explored the digital world of facial recognition, coding and had its very own geofilter for the girls to try out. Family & home were represented by the Smarter Living zone which showcased the latest smart technology for the home including the Amazon Echo. Pupils got the chance to play a bespoke VR game and create their own gadget using littleBit circuits, the winners of each session received a Google Cardboard. 



94% of students told us that the events made STEM more interesting

62% of girls wanted to know more about STEM as a direct result of attending the events

1,030 girls attended from 50 schools

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