Cheetham Bell

Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Branding / design, Digital

Redefining Manchester's Iconic Theatre

The Challenge

Create a brand identity strong enough to reflect the ambitions of the theatre and the bold, risk-taking productions they produce. Cementing their status as the Iconic Manchester theatre in the minds of the theatre and arts goers of the UK.

The Simple Idea

A striking identity that’s bold and minimalist, yet all-inclusive at its heart. Taking inspiration from the theatre’s famous ‘round space’, we created an identity which reflects our audience’s experience of being physically immersed in each production.
It’s an identity that can translate over simple stationery as easily as over complex production material – for audiences of high art as much
as youth theatre.

Ultimately the Royal Exchange is a dynamic space which needs a dynamic set of brand guidelines. We developed a logo which would sit comfortably with all the colours and styles of productions, but which still held its own, and a set of photography guidelines which dictated a narrative for each production that would make the audience ask questions and want to explore further to find answers.

This storytelling was echoed in the sub-brand logos we created, using the same three circles of the parent brand, but directed to create new shapes relevant to each brand, such as a cup and saucer for the café.


Autumn / Winter '16 Season Guide

Production Posters

Identity applied to existing website

Business Cards

Sub-brand logos

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