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Rock festival freshness with Mondelez's Stimorol


The challenge

Research suggested consumers were beginning to view chewing gum as a functional category of interchangeable brands.

Our challenge was to help Stimorol freshen up festival goers’ mouths and convey the confidence that young people (18-30) feel when they know they have fresh minty breath.

As anyone who’s ever woken up and clawed their way out of a boiling hot tent will know, minty-fresh breath is not usually a quality commonly associated with festival revellers. The creative platform, “dare to open your mouth”, reflects this.


Our approach

We imagined a day in the life of a party-flavoured festival mouth, and found various interesting and fun ways to apply the functional and fun elements of Stimorol to people’s experience.

Product sampling, while fundamental, isn’t enough on its own in this environment to deliver value on festival activity. We were able to create emotive brand moments at different times during the day, at the specially-created branded stand and around the festival, all linking back with a coherent social media strategy.


Our brand ambassador team distributed over 150,000 product samples and almost 4,400 branded promotional items like hats, vouchers, ponchos and wristbands. They also hosted 216 games of truth or dare, creating sharable moments and stories with each interaction.

“The team was very pleased with the activation. We felt the activation stayed true to the brand identity and at the same time engaged our target group.
Caroline Muller, brand manager, Stimorol

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