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the challenge

We were challenged to demonstrate to industry professionals the impact that government regulations will have on brands through a creative adventure rather than the ‘typical’ corporate comms route. How does the tobacco industry lead with a branding ban insight? We launched Future of Brands earlier this year with a teaser in Milan followed by the full exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

the spark

The Future of Brands aims to inspire other industries to unite and campaign against ‘nanny state’ legislation. As such, we wanted to deliver maximum disruption and stand-out in an illuminated landscape usually dominated by flat-packed ‘take one’ stands. Our objective was to dramatise the impact of increased regulations and branding bans via an experiential unit; taking attendees on an immersive journey in a dismal and cluttered exhibition environment. We moved away from the 'typical' corporate feel, instead we drove awareness on the excessive regulation that is slowly but surely crossing industries all over the world.  


the connection

We invited cross industry professionals onto the exhibition stand to learn what is going on already and what could happen in the future for brands. The aim was to inform and facilitate conversation of what businesses can do next to combat the potentially bland future one faces. This event activation was to engage with likeminded professionals and spread the word that if industries do not unite then it is plain to see... there will be no future for brands. Both exhibitions proved to be very successful and struck a chord with the audience, and we’re looking forward to touring the exhibition globally in 2017/18.


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