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Sony Mobile on Tour

The brief

Sony wanted to create a series of interactive experiential roadshow events to train store staff on new Sony Mobile handsets, with an emphasis on fun and showcasing the strength of various features in the range.

Our solution

Blueprint have worked with Sony Mobile on a range of projects in areas such as staff training, immersive digital content, events and incentive activity.

In 2015 they asked us to help them build a series of roadshows to train the staff from third party mobile phone retailers on their upcoming and newly released handsets. Every few months we take Sony Mobile on Tour to enable thousands of store professionals a chance to get their hands on the latest Xperia handsets.

Each roadshow tour comprises up to 22 events, with around 100 attendees per event. With just a few hours to leave a lasting impression with the audience we’ve created an experience that blends fun and interaction, all taking place in memorable locations.

With new handsets launching regularly and the roadshows taking place twice a year it’s important to avoid the events feeling repetitive. In the May 2016 tour we achieved this in an innovative way, by introducing Virtual Reality to the events.

Blueprint had already created and built Xperia Island, a digital platform for Sony Mobile’s incentive programme, and for the roadshows guests we enabled them explore the island in a unique and exciting way through VR.

As well as being a fun way to bring Xperia Island to life and creating buzz on the day, it also allowed Sony to promote their incentive programme and get hundreds of sales staff behind the latest Xperia handsets.

We’re back on the road again in September 2016 with brand a new format and venues to get everyone up to speed and excited in the lead up to the all important Christmas trading period.


“The feedback has been phenomenal. One of the quotes was that it's like the Consumer Electronics Show. To get those quotes and that feedback shows Blueprint have really delivered and that's what we brought them on board for.”

Simon Gilbert, Trade Marketing Manager, Sony Mobile



4,500 members of store staff trained to date



Over 45 events to date



7 brand new handsets launched to trade


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