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New model launches

The brief

Deliver a series of events across the UK to give valued Porsche customers and prospects a unique opportunity to preview new models before they go on sale, all with high levels of consistency and theatre.

Our solution

Blueprint have enjoyed a close relationship with Porsche Cars for around 15 years, working with them on countless events from factory collection trips and track days to staff training and launches of new models.

The new model launches have become a firm fixture in the calendar, and every year we support over 30 Porsche Centres reveal the latest vehicles to a select audience. They are a key way of giving existing customers an intimate brand experience, whilst helping to break down barriers for prospect customers too.

Events typically run over the course of a week, with Blueprint coordinating event planning, guest management, production, entertainment and even valet parking for up to 500 people per event.

We have built a data modelling system bespoke to Porsche that allows us to invite the right customers in the right locations to maximise the opportunity for new vehicle orders and deposits and we then handle the entire invitation and welcome experience from end-to-end, all tailored to each Centre.

The launch tours can involve running up to five or six separate events every night, with dedicated teams for each event delivering a consistent brand experience and ensuring that each Porsche Centre is seen as a destination.
Our relationship with Porsche and a true understanding of their needs and those of their customers has enabled us to deliver flawless events throughout the year, every year for 15 years.


“Blueprint know the brand, they understand the brand. It’s a big challenge but typically of Blueprint they’ve risen to the challenge and delivered a fantastic series of launch events to really make sure that we’re engaging with our customers. Whatever we we want to do or the network want to do, Blueprint get because they get Porsche.”

Nick Wilson - Brand & Strategy Manager, Porsche Cars GB




32 events in nights with 10,000 attendees


Porsche Macan launch 


1,296 test drives booked






42 car deposits placed


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