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adidas GLITCH

Creating a new boot and a new mobile route to market


5 Cannes Lions

75% sale conversion rate

89% redemption rate on codes activated

adidas disrupted the football boot with GLITCH – an interchangeable boot allowing players to switch up their style. And then Iris disrupted everything else

The Challenge

adidas GLITCH is both a unique new football boot concept AND a brand new route to market. A first of its kind interchangeable boot, GLITCH needed to reach consumers in a way that broke the pattern. 

Our Approach

We put mobile tech and influencers at the heart of our launch strategy. Our GLITCH community became the co-creators of the brand, from naming the boot, testing the prototypes and defining our marketing.

A dedicated GLITCH app took the place of online and physical stores. The boots were (and still are) ONLY available for purchase through the app. And the boots are delivered within 4 hours of purchase.

The app brings the adidas GLITCH ethos to life with a unique and responsive visual experience that is imperfect and edgy - a seamlessly integrated ecosystem with booking, delivery, payment, analytics and CRM all working together as one.

Designed for the snapchat generation, it’s controlled by swiping and discovery rather than being a guided experience. And all delivered through mobile. No media spend, zero advertising or sponsorship and no celebrity endorsement. 



5 Cannes Lions

107K total downloads to date

5 mins average user time on app - twice industry average

75% sale conversion rate

89% redemption rate on codes activated


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