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MINI Customer Journey

Growing customers into loyalists


7% increase in sales of new MINI's YoY since implementing approaches

Not Normal campaign resulted in 33% uplift in brand preference

Not Normal campaign resulted in 44% uplift in purchase intent

Delivering brand activity and creative strategy across advertising, CRM, dealership, direct, digital ATL and every interaction in between.

In 2012 Iris was appointed by MINI UK as its lead agency partner to deliver all brand activity and creative strategy across advertising, CRM, dealership, direct, digital, ATL and every interaction in between.


Turning Consideration into purchase

In a category where the purchase decisions can be lengthy and unpredictable, it is critical to serve up the right messaging at the right time and act on any interest shown by potential prospects. Pinnacle to this is building a relationship with your ‘future customer’ earlier in the purchase journey.

We have spent a lot of time analysing the customer journey and opportunities to maximize MINI’s data, shorten the purchase lifecycle and turn a prospect into a qualified lead for the dealership to convert into a customer.

The initial outcomes of our review have focused on 3 key areas to improve MINI’s prospect programme:

1. Outbound Trigger Emails

For example, we know that a prospect who downloads a brochure is a warm prospect, but we only get an email address from them, and therefore they cannot be passed to a dealer as a lead. However by implementing an immediate trigger email that targets their inbox with a call to action to take a test drive in the model they are interested in, we have seen an increase of conversion to lead by over 5x the average.

2. Optimised Retargeting

Similar to mobile and tablet, digital exploration in this category is a key part of the buying process. Retargeting becomes a big opportunity for lookers who come to the site but don’t convert to a lead immediately. We have recently optimised the re-targeting creative messaging to be more direct and more relevant to the product the prospect is interested in. Just doing this has yielded a 24% increase in efficiency of the re-targeting media.

3. Content to Drive Conversion

Going to a dealership can be an intimidating experience and often it is only to confirm a purchase decision that has already been made. It is therefore critical to get prospects up close and personal to a car when and where they want.

When MINI wanted to launch their latest model – the Paceman – we created ‘Design With Bite’. A campaign packed with the latest pioneering innovations in tech and digital 

advertising – including MINI’s first use of Shazam, allowing our audience to explore the car directly from the TV ad. We built a mobile content destination in the browser (, which brought the offline online, and allowed prospects to explore a full 360° view of the car’s interior and exterior, as well as order a brochure and book a test drive. This was MINI’s first mobile site in the UK, and helped to convert prospects to leads at over 3x the average rate from our standard email programme. In the first month alone we delivered 63% of the annual leads target. There was also a 5% rise in MINI’s core brand measure of the ‘initiative’ score.


From customers to loyalists

Retaining loyal customers is the lowest hanging fruit towards achieving MINI’s annual sales target. But their customer communications were generally focused on product and sales messaging, rather than recognising and rewarding their loyalty.

We recently re-launched MINI’s customer communications, from a welcome pack DM to ongoing monthly emails, with content and tone focused on brand engagement, customer rewards and interesting news from the world of MINI.

It’s early days to understand the business impact of the changes, but since launch we‘ve seen a 50% increase in open rates, and a 200% increase in click-through rate of the monthly customer email programme.


Insights driving performance

Leveraging the expertise within iris Concise, we provide input into marcomms planning, channel strategy, and measurement of the commercial impact of all MINI’s marketing. We’ve also created a single real time data reporting dashboard for MINI (shown right), which takes data from dozens of sources and consolidates into one report that provides consistent measurement of and insight into marketing performance, sales, ROI, as well as monthly and annual trends. This data view has become critical to our ability to act as a true business partner for MINI.



Overall, since implementing these new approaches, sales of new MINIs are up 7% YOY and our recent ‘Not Normal’ brand campaign resulted in a 33% uplift in Brand Preference and a 44% uplift in Purchase Intent


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