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With the discovery of the timbers from the HMS Namur hidden beneath the Chatham Dockyard floors, The Historic Dockyard Chatham (THDC) opened the new Command of the Ocean exhibition – an exhibition looking at the Age of Sail and its importance in Britain’s history. This new exhibition needed an engaging and enticing advertising campaign to promote this historical discovery.

The Challenge

After gaining a wealth of knowledge about the Age of Sail and the history of the Dockyard whilst working with THDC to design and develop their new website, they briefed us to produce an advertising campaign for the new ‘Command of the Oceans’ exhibition. The campaign needed to communicate the significance of the craftsmanship, tradition and innovation that took place at the Dockyard. A creative execution was required to signify this important moment in our history as a nation.

Our Solution

Using epic paintings from the era, courtesy of the National Maritime Museum, paired with typography, we used copy to highlight the unfathomable craftsmanship of the scene and anchored it against where the subject of the painting was made – the Dockyard. These were to be placed along key routes into Chatham from London and the surrounding towns.



The campaign showcased these grand, oak ships; these dogs of war, in all their glory, through engineering and innovation at the Dockyard. Setting these beautiful paintings amongst normal day to day life, as an interruption, created an outdoor art gallery, to evoke thought and emotion about the era, the struggles and the glories of war at sea, and how Britain came to rule the waves for over 250 years.


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Hatched team. Hatched’s output always carefully addresses our needs and complements our brand yet remains bursting at the seams with creativity!"

Christopher Tutt, Chatham Dockyard

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