Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing


The i is Britain’s first and only quality concise title, and prides itself on its uninhibited ability to report on news stories without bias or prejudice. Originally part of The Independent, The i was sold to Johnston Press after The Independent went out of print. Our challenge has been to change its image as a supplement and establish it as a brand in its own right. On top of this, because of rising costs The i has increased in price from 20p to 50p in a mere three years.


Not many brands in the world have a single letter as their name, so we decided to make a virtue of it, putting the ‘i’ from the masthead right at the heart of our campaign. Then, avoiding the usual animation techniques, we created a real puppet to star in a series of short films, each of which take a witty and satirical look at current affairs – with special appearances from Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.


Since we partnered with The i newspaper in 2014 we have seen a sales volume increase of 5% year-on-year, and a circulation revenue up 20%. The i is currently the only national newspaper to grow sales while vast majority of others are falling.

To get our campaign live and on TV in time for the client we went from brief to live on TV in four weeks.

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