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Collaborating with Italy's Master of Taste, world-renowned chef Francesco Mazzei, The House of Peroni championed modern Italian food (2016)

The House of Peroni 2016 from M&C Saatchi PR on Vimeo.

VIDEO: The House of Peroni (2016) Residency returned to London with a six-week long opening at Proud East in Haggerston. Entitled Amare l’Italia – meaning For the Love of Italy – this Residency was an immersive journey for urbanites to discover how Italy has inspired its most successful and creative ambassadors

Bespoke Residency experiences included a floating Negroni bar, pasta making and mixology masterclasses, and a unique immersive space created by Margherita Maccapani Missoni (2016)

Designed by Master of Style, Margherita Maccapani Missoni, the experience allowed guests to see and experience how Margherita has been inspired by growing up and living in Northern Italy (2016)

M&C Saatchi PR offered guests to take in the sights of Regent’s Canal and arrive outside The House of Peroni in true Italian style (2016)

Award-winning mixologist Simone Caporale was The House of Peroni's Italian Master of Mixology (2016)

Guests were invited to an intimate mixology class led by the Residency's specialists. Each guest was taken on an hour-long journey through the history of the Italian aperitivo ritual and could recreate an infusion of their choosing (2016)

For The Love of Negroni - Master class on Regent's Canal with Italy's finest mixologist, Simone Caporale (2016)

The Private Dining Experience returned once again with critically acclaimed chef and Master of Taste, Francesco Mazzei (Sartoria and previously L’Anima), at the helm (2016)

The five-course ‘feasting’ menu was a delectable homage to Italy and the stunning ingredients unique to the country’s rich landscape (2016)

The Client

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

The Problem

Originally available in selected venues, Peroni is now everywhere, eroding the premium brand credentials. How can a mass brand maintain a price premium?

The Strategy

A life lived in Italian style – build aspiration and desire by defining Peroni as a modern style brand

The Idea

The House of Peroni - an immersive experience designed for trendsetters and urbanites importing Italian creative culture to the UK.

Having created over seven unique residencies, Peroni has now achieved its highest ever brand scores. The House of Peroni has become a property in itself, it is considered a gold standard category activation, and it has been duplicated across global markets. This year, The House of Peroni has evolved into an immersive experience blending virtual reality, art and of course, Peroni Nastro Azzurro. See here for more.

The Impact


collaborating with over 350 creative talent, including fashion designers, filmmakers, artists, mixologists & chefs


uplift in sales


pieces of coverage with over 5 billion impressions in premium lifestyle publications


website visits since April 2015


total social reach


growth on Twitter, plus 400k Facebook fans added

VIDEO: The House of Peroni invites you to experience art like never before, all within the backdrop of a vibrant Peroni Nastro Azzurro bar (2017)

The House of Peroni has teamed up with artists, FABIO GIAMPIETRO, PEETA and CARNE GRIFFITHS, to create a one of a kind art experience inspired by craftmanship, a quality inherent to Peroni Nastro Azzurro (2017)

Award-winning Master of Mixology Simone Caporale returns, bringing his inimitable style of cocktail mastery to this year's cocktail menu (2017)

In celebration of the quality of craftsmanship that is so inherent in the Italian way of life, The House of Peroni is hosting two special pop-up events in Edinburgh and Manchester, where guests can immerse themselves in a virtual world of art and technology (2017)

Explore bespoke 3D artworks from three artists in residence at The House of Peroni (2017)

The exclusive virtual reality art experience allows you to step inside a piece of art before exploring your own creativity using the ground-breaking Tilt Brush by Google, under the guidance of an expert artist (2017)

VIDEO: Step inside art and try Tilt Brush by Google for yourself with The House of Peroni's virtual reality art experience (2017)

M&C Saatchi PR, together with its Experience division, have been working Peroni Nastro Azzurro for over 4 years. Looking after everything from press office, brand activations and events to influencer engagement, community management and social strategy. For more information please email

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