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Riviera Campaign

We are often asked to work on collateral for programmes and series before funding is in place.
In some cases we are only given the synopsisand needto find
a way to visually communicate a new show.

The Brief

We were required by Sky Vision to create key-art for a new drama set in the South of France. The high-end, glossy series follows the story of newly widowed billionaire who uncovers the dark secrets of her families’ wealth.
The artwork was to be used on posters and brochures to attract interest to the series and secure co-producers to invest.
As with many pre-sales key-art, we weren’t initially provided with any imagery, only various film poster that suggested the look and feel.

The Result

The concept combined extravagance of the South of France with something more sinister by using a reflection in sunglasses. While various ideas were explored, a yacht explosion was felt most appropriate for the reflection as the series starts with the protagonist’s husband being killed on a super-yacht explosion.

Further Advertising

After the pre-sales campaign, official imagery featuring Julia Stiles was provided which we were able to use as key art for posters, brochures, billboard and stand art.

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