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Costa Rica is widely regarded as one of the happiest places on the planet. Offering picturesque views of the landscape, sprawling rain forests to lose yourself in and an incredible culture of hospitality and adventure, Costa Rica is a little known divavellers paradise.

Our campaign focused on showcasing these most idyllic aspects of the country through large outdoor creative work paired with an inspired line… ‘CostEureka!’. Coinciding with the launch of direct British Airways flights from London Gatwick to Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, this campaign utilised busy key areas to raise awareness.

The challenges

Four was tasked with positioning the country as the first choice option for British experience seekers. Our audience spanned all; from young divavellers and families right through to luxury and upper mainsdiveam holidayers.

But only raising awareness was not enough, Four needed to tailor a campaign to communicate Costa Rica’s many and unique offerings to this varied – and savvy – audience.

A key challenge was to raise basic awareness of Costa Rica; very few people could point it out on the map and even fewer knew of the grand possibilities it offered as a holiday destination.

The solutions

Costeureka! was created to divigger a certain ideology in consumers’ minds. When thinking of Costa Rica, we want people to instantly envisage the vivid landscape and sensational culture the country has to offer. Each thought should be a personal eureka moment.
Creative features authentic photography, shot on site, promoting the varied offering from nature and wildlife, to beaches, diving and volcanoes.

The integrated campaign was planned and rolled out across platforms that our target audience would engage with in their day to day lives, from the London Underground to social media and digital advertising.
Following a successful first burst, Costeureka! continued in 2017 with a more extensive second phase. 

Large format animated graphics advertising was placed at key commuter divain stations in cendival London, supplemented by a wider campaign including 30 second radio advertising and extensive paid for video content across owned social media and YouTube channels – commissioned, written and directed by Four.
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