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Carnaby is a destination



The epicentre of the swinging sixties, Carnaby had turned stale. Disparate sub-brands lacked clarity and confidence. Shaftesbury, owners of the Carnaby Estate, asked us to reclaim its relevance and attract leading retail and F&B names to the area.



We sent a strong message to the global retail sector: Carnaby is the place to be if you’re a brand worth talking about.

We placed Carnaby and its incredible heritage in a modern context. Impactful and absolutely current, our new identity and communications strategy for business customers was expanded to underpin Carnaby’s consumer communications – giving much-needed consistency across the brand family.

Today, Carnaby is once again an iconic London destination, bustling with shoppers, world-leading fashion brands, and a vibrant eating and drinking scene.

Carnaby is not a street. Carnaby is a destination.

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