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Château Tour Blanc

A series of organic white wines


Brief & Objectives

Based in the south of France, Château Tour Blanc produces high quality white wines. The challenge was to redesign Tour Blanc’s wine labels in order to highlight the natural, clean and organic properties of the wine.

The scope of work required us to differentiate between each of the seven unique cuvée. As the wines are all made from the same grape (which gives them a simple and precise quality), they are each produced from different plots of land which reveal different flavours.




In order to distinguish between each of the seven cuvée, we focused the importance of the Clun Forest Sheep, who inhabit the vineyards. These local residents occupy the space between the vines and contribute to the local permaculture (by giving back to the soil's biodiversity with their dropping as well as by tending to the land). We created hero 'motifs' for each bottle which depict playful arrangements of sheep responding to the unique properties of each cuvée.

To reflect the elegance and simplicity of the wines, we adopted a minimal approach to designing each label. Simply applying black ink to white cotton paper—the white colour representing the purity and precision of the wine’s flavours and the white wool of the resident sheep


“The new labels look absolutely beautiful on the bottles, especially with the new white wax seal, a real success. Thank you for the superb outcome.”

—Sandra Kelton, Tour Blanc.


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