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Real good food. Real good times.

In the UK, after the love we have for our children our pets come a close second (and in some cases it might even be the other way around!). We are a generation obsessed with them and in particular – dogs. So just as good quality, healthy, fresh food has been top of the agenda when it comes to what we eat as humans, now it’s time to look after man’s best friend in exactly the same way.

We’ve worked closely with the founders of to help reposition their delivery dog food business to become one of the most innovative and disruptive dog food brands in the world, working across every consumer touchpoint from packaging to digital to bring a disruptive, pioneering spirit and light hearted confidence to the Butternut Box brand.

Altogether, it's a shift for the brand that saw over a 500% uplift in furry customers in the first 80 days after re-launch. 


“From start to finish it felt like we were a team on the same mission. A different class when it comes to creativity, strategy, design and attention to detail.”

Founder, Butternut Box



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