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Picture it before you paint it

We led the product development and user-centred design of the 'Dulux Visualizer', a ground-breaking augmented reality app for tablet and mobile.

  • 65% increase in tester paint sales

  • 92% increase in stockist searches

  • 5,000,000 downloads globally

The challenge

Based on our research, we knew the main barriers to decorating were the lack of consumer confidence with color and uncertainty of the end result. Couples across the world were arguing about how to decorate and, without being able to see the end result, were unable to make decisions (and therefore delayed doing their decorating).

Dulux wanted to start engaging with customers earlier in their purchase cycle and we all believed that mobile was a great way of doing so. Dulux had an existing mobile app, a one-dimensional product catalog that didn't go anywhere near to resolving this.

The main objectives of the Dulux Visualizer were to:

  • Inspire, delight and make customers want to redecorate
  • Increase sales of testers and paint, through the app and in-store
  • Inform customers of Dulux's product range
  • Grow the number of app users



We invited Webcredible to work with us on an ongoing basis to ensure that user experience was designed in from the start. Their enthusiastic input has produced some great results.

Stewart Longhurst

Global Head of Digital Operations, Dulux


Our approach

We followed our user-centred design approach to identify an innovative solution to match the natural behaviours of Dulux customers and ensure long-term use of the app:

1. We carried out initial user research to uncover Dulux customers' needs and goals - the research clearly demonstrated that a visualization feature would be a great fit.

2. Having validated the idea, we generated detailed, overarching design principles to ensure we created an inspiring, functional user experience. The principles were to:

  • Avoid a prolonged journey by allowing people to colour a room in 2 taps - tap on a colour, then tap on a wall
  • Inspire experimentation by allowing people to pick different colours and instantly see the wall colour change
  • Move people along the decorating journey by encouraging them to order testers once a colour has been tried on a wall
  • Offer 'just enough' fidelity so we didn't compromise on the user experience to create a pixel-perfect room mock-up
  • Ensure the visualizer user interactions were simple and could be used holding up a phone/tablet and looking through it

3. Guided by these principles we began designing the app, its interface, visual design and user journeys.

4. Throughout this process we carried out numerous rounds of user testing to ensure the journeys and interactions were not only beneficial to users but brought them real joy.


Impact & results

Since launching in 60 global markets the app has been an unbelievable success - with 5,000,000+ downloads, app users increased by 143%, usage increased by 247% and visits to the saved items page have risen by 242%.

Most importantly, the number of users searching for a stockist rose by an incredible 92% and tester sales increased by 65%.

The app also won innovation of the year at the Digital Communication Awards, innovative mobile app of the year at the UK IT Industry Awards and best hi-tech gadget at the House Beautiful Awards.

The app is available at iTunes Store and Google Play.


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