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Customer experience to drive expansion

We provided Brompton with a customer experience and digital presence to increase engagement and spur significant business growth internationally.

  • 122% increase in ecommerce revenue

  • 33% increase in website users

  • 92% success rate through key user journey

The challenge

Brompton had a highly disparate digital presence (including a number of microsites, extranets and blogs) that was divorced from their offline customer experience. Acquisition and retention journeys needed to be aligned to provide a scalable world-class experience that supported their ambitious growth plans and continued international expansion.

The main objectives were to:.

  • Define the end-to-end experience for their key audiences (prospective consumers, existing owners and trade customers) and the role that digital should play
  • Help users connect with a bike, showing them how it would fit into their lives and the benefits of using a folding bike
  • Create a lifetime customer journey to attract new customers and have them engage with the brand on an ongoing basis
  • Support localisation of messaging for international markets, covering every continent



The work Webcredible did was excellent. They gathered unparalleled insight into our users and used it to build a customer experience strategy and website that have exceeded our expectations.

Harry Mann

Digital Lead, Brompton


Our approach

We worked closely with Brompton and their technical build partners to create a global digital presence for Brompton. Following a rapid user-centred design process we iterated designs to ensure the structure and design was fully optimised and inspiring.

1. We began by immersing ourselves in everything Brompton. We spent time in their factory, ran workshops with key stakeholders and reviewed their analytics. We also spent time in bike stores interviewing consumers in the process of purchasing bikes.

2. One of the key research findings was that people would only consider buying a Brompton if their commute included a train journey. Consumers didn't realise the benefits of owning a Brompton and the positive impact on their lifestyle.

3. We worked collaboratively with senior Brompton stakeholders to define, and get agreement on:

  • The end-to-end customer journey from acquisition through to retention
  • An in-depth digital strategy and roadmap
  • How to structure the organisation to support the ongoing success of their digital channels

4. We then based ourselves on-site, running a series of design workshops to collaboratively sketch out optimal user journeys and designs. We started with a wide range of ideas - simply drawn on pencil and paper - which we refined into a small number of design directions.

5. We then went into detailed design, running a number of rounds of user testing with participants across the globe. This validated our design direction and secured a truly best-in-class experience.


Impact & results

The final result was a globally aligned world-class customer experience that serves to support and empower the Brompton community and emotionally engage customers. Since the new website launched:

  • Ecommerce revenue has more than doubled (122% increase)
  • The sales process has been optimised with 92% of people completing the new choose a Brompton journey, contributing to a 103% increase in people saving bikes that they've built 
  • User numbers have increased by 33%
  • Time spent on site has increased by 30 seconds on average

The Brompton website won the award for 'UX/Usability' at the 2015 Dadi awards (run by The Drum magazine), showing that our work is recognised as industry-leading.

Brompton's website and overall customer experience are now truly user-centred and form a solid platform for the British business to continue its ambitious international expansion.

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