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Helping over 50s find their perfect holiday

We worked with Saga Travel to optimise their online booking journeys and ensure their website fully reflects their changing proposition.

  • 30% increase in conversion rates across all travel products

The challenge

Saga Travel are the biggest package holiday, cruise and tour provider for the over 50's in the UK, serving more than 200,000 passengers every year.

We've partnered with Saga Holidays to help them create the perfect online travel experience, all the way from discovering through to tailoring and booking your ideal holiday or cruise.

As part of an ongoing partnership, we're helping Saga Travel:

  • Increase online sales of all types of holiday on offer
  • Reduce the numbers of calls to offline call centres
  • Attract potential Saga Travel customers to book their first holiday with Saga
  • Increase repeat bookings through the Saga website

Some of the specific challenges we've tackled include:

  • Making it much easier for customers to discover what Saga Travel has to offer while browsing through the website
  • Optimising the checkout and purchase journey to increase conversion and customer satisfaction
  • Identifing and designing digital innovations that excite people new to Saga

Our approach

Right from the get-go our rapid and collaborative approach has meant that we've never been too far from receiving feedback on our design ideas, either from Saga Travel or their customers.
With this pace of feedback at the heart of our design process, we are able to quickly and deliver designs we are confident meet both business and customer needs.

  1. We began with a deep-dive on web analytics, building a shared understanding of common customer behaviours and problems
  2. We facilitated a series of workshops to explore and generate exciting design concepts that could help the Saga Travel brand stand out
  3. We then rapidly created prototypes of our design concepts and ran ongoing usability testing to validate our ideas
  4. We run content audits, card-sorting & tree-testing studies to improve the way the site is structured and consistently incorporate new product launches (including new holiday types and brand-new cruise ships)
  5. We handed over detailed specifications of our designs to help the Saga team implement them effectively & efficiently
  6. Using deeper insights from customer research, we're helping Saga build and prioritise a roadmap of inspirational concepts that will excite a new wave of customers



Impact & results

The re-launched checkout flow drove an impressive 30% increase in pure online sales, as a result of optimising every detail of the process, addressing previous drop-off points, and helping customers save details and return later.

Beyond helping people discover holidays better, the new site structure helped optimise the content production process for Saga Travel, as key pages were streamlined and redundant or duplicated content was eliminated.



An early iteration of the booking flow

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