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Sky Iconic Store 


Since our appointment in 2011, we have applied retail experience helping this household name to build loyalty, win subscribers and convert sales. 

There were two main challenges posed in the development of the SKY Iconic store. 

Firstly, how to create a strong brand presence that was sympathetic to the very distinctive existing architecture which also adhered to strict centre rules around maintaining the lines of site across the mall. 

Secondly, was the challenge of creating both immersive content experiences and a sales journey that would work in a busy shopping mall and be approachable from all sides. 

By making careful design decisions, we were able to make the most of delivering the best possible content experience. 



A rigorous development and prototyping phase was critical to the success of the design. Thermoforming, ceramic printing, solid surface forming, electrical engineering and joinery processes were all used to great effect on the unit, bringing together almost 4000 components to ensure modularity, flexibility and standout. 

Sky's colour spectrum is a key brand element and the design had to find a way to represent this both accurately and dynamically. An innovative ceramic printing treatment was used to manipulate the light from the specially programmed colour changing LEDs in the base of the glass to cascade upwards.

"Since the new design has been implemented footfall has doubled, new sales have doubled and there has been a 400% uplift in upgrades."




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