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FTI Brand Identity 


FTI, an investment company steeped in heritage needed to change or get left behind. We developed a new approach which connected with today's consumer across online, social and broadcast content. 

We helped FTI to move forwards, evolving their identity to suit their new role as an influential content producer. We ensured that our approach reflected the values and messages which are so important to the FTI brand. Their pillars of expertise, stability and growth are now elevated across their branded content. 

Alongside this, we created a set of guidelines for their in-house production studio and marketing team that would shift customer perception of FTI from an investment organisaton to a trusted global media brand. 

Our aim was to create a cohesive brand experience - from the movement of the logo and the wider graphic toolkit, to the sonic branding and even set design.


To meet the challenge, we created a full motion identity; one built upon the core beliefs and strengths of the brand. We also provided a set of brand guidelines to set rules and guidance on all aspects of motion and animation, covering pre-production, production and filming, and post-production. 


To allow for easy replication of our custom-built animations while still retaining flexibility and customisability, we also produced a set of template files which could be used by both the in-house team at FTI and any external design agencies they may work with in future.

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