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The Brief

Caffè Nero was launching a new drink to their menu, the Cortado which is the perfect antidote to the post-lunch slump, with more milk than a Macchiato, and more punch than a Flat White. Caffè Nero approached Crab with a brief to launch this new drink to their customers on Facebook. The idea needed to illustrate what makes the Cortado different and educate the audience on the relationship between Espresso and milk, allowing them to order in store with confidence. The content also needed to work in three very different markets.

The creative team at Crab discovered that Cortado, which translated means “the cut”, refers to the milk cutting the espresso. As the drink settles, you can see the silkiness of milk and Espresso combined with 0.5cm of micro-foam settling on top. With this in mind, the team at Crab needed to find a simple solution, which brought the Cortado to life in a way that customers could immediately understand and see how it is different than the other drinks in the menu.

The Process

We had a great starting point to work from in the form of all of the photography from the in-house team at Caffè Nero. We then turned our attention to the key messaging and finding a neat way to position the drink within the other types of coffee Caffè Nero offer.

The Solution

The result is a sleek, bite-size, sundial-like piece of content perfect for social. Shot top down the video visually communicates the key differences between the Cortado, Macchiato and Flat White and illustrates how it is the perfect post-lunch coffee.

The Feedback

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