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The Brief

After completing a full site re-design for Drambuie, they came back to us to look at ways to expand their drink section. From our analytics research, we saw that this was by far the most visited section of the site. With this in mind, we undertook a design and content production process to populate it with beautiful cocktails presented in a compelling and easy to navigate framework.

The Process

During early planning, we explored many different structures and designs to make the selection process as interactive and exciting as possible. A key objective discovered at this stage was the importance of mobile, considering that users would most likely prepare the recipe from their smartphone.

Weeks of pre-production planning, props, sets and drink dressings led to some gorgeous and varied photography. We have constantly been working to update the image of the Drambuie brand so the ability to use high-quality contemporary settings allowed us to exceed consumers' expectations of the drink.

Here we can see the finished mobile view, with extremely clear recipe layouts to make completing the cocktail as easy as possible. We also included a scalable ingredients list function so that measures could be adjusted according to the number of drinks being prepared.

The Solution

We conducted a comprehensive research and wireframing phase to create an exciting and interactive drinks section. Functionality and mobile was our top priority following the research phase. Next, we focused our attention on the cocktail photography. Thanks to extensive pre-production planning, props, sets and drink dressings we created some gorgeous and varied photography. Ultimately this helped to change perceptions of the Drambuie brand and allowed us to exceed consumers expectations of the drink and its uses.

The Results

The results was a visually stunning, highly functional and mobile optimised addition to the website. Since the launch of the drinks section, we have seen both traffic and dwell time increase on the site. Once again showing that content is king.

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