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The Brief

Viviscal produces supplements for those suffering from hair loss or hair thinning. The supplements are scientifically formulated to help nourish hair from within, resulting in thicker, fuller hair.

Viviscal approached Crab to help them conduct a fast fail test. The objective was to use Viviscal’s unique product offering and experience to establish the company as a source of reassurance and information for people at the start of their hair loss journey and as a hub of inspiration for those who have benefitted from the use of Viviscal products. As well as being seen as leaders in the hair loss industry, it was important for Viviscal to break into the beauty industry and support their range of hair care products for anyone looking to achieve thicker and fuller hair. 

Our fast fail test, with its multitude of aims, was delivered with difficult KPIs a minimal budget and all within a limited timeframe. 

The Process

The first step involved a comprehensive review of all of Viviscal’s touchpoints. We focused on a wide range of areas including social media, the website, E-commerce, eCRM, UX and extended user journeys.

This led us to identify gaps in channels. However, based on budgetary constraints, we tailored our creative approach into targeting three specific audience groups that we had identified for Viviscal.

Once the three key audience groups had been established, we could then identify their need states. This enabled us to produce content, which was housed on 3 distinct landing pages. These pages included several themes on each page. We then tailored our promotional activity into focusing on these specific groups.

The Solution

Having identified the need for the audience to experience Viviscal in both their initial consideration set and active evaluation set, it was clear that a multi-channel approach would drive engaged users to the key landing pages – each page was created with a specific Viviscal consumer in mind. 

Our social media posts were designed to help drive consumers to relevant shop pages, retails partners, landing pages and find out more pages, as part of an ecosystem of tailoring content to specific users in order to create a seamless user journey. 

We also undertook a blogger outreach campaign. These bloggers produced great YouTube videos, blogs and Instagram content about the products, which received rave reviews and incredible engagement, adding to the overall success of the project.

Crab worked meticulously with the client, collaborating with Viviscal through each step, ensuring that were aware of any issues and barriers involved in the process. Although working to tight goals, this collaborative process meant we were able to forge a positive relationship and exceed our expected goals.

The Results

We recruited thousands of new fans, with a positive uplift in perception of the brand. Our objective was to increase the community size by 100%; we managed to increase the actual community size by 148% at a Cost Per Fan of 22p. 

The Feedback

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