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Just Eat were amongst the first in the food delivery market, bringing thousands of restaurants together on one platform. They offered convenience and choice. From a simple call to the tap of an app, platform businesses are thriving and the competition for convenience food is hotting up. But convenience has come to be expected. We helped Just Eat to re-establish their leadership position and raise the bar amidst intensifying competition.

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With over 65,000 restaurant partners, 14 million customers and 2,500 employees, Just Eat is a community of food lovers. It’s a place to find comfort in old favourites and experiment with exciting, new foods. And it’s more than a late-night curry, it’s also a late-morning breakfast with colleagues or a family picnic in the park. It is convenient, yes, but also a meaningful part of people’s everyday lives.




‘Find your flavour’ welcomes people in to explore and enjoy the choice – of food, occasions and recommendations. Working with the leadership team, we help to transform thinking around product and service, communications and culture. Unifying employees, building strong relationships with restaurant partners and deeper connections with customers, we strengthen the bonds of community. 

The visual and verbal expression of this is a vibrant, open invitation to everyone.



On the day the rebrand was announced, Just Eat’s share price rose by 1.5% and the business is now on track to join the FTSE 100.

And for the first time, more of its restaurant partners are now actively promoting Just Eat, than not. 


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