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India is at a turning point, experiencing unprecedented urbanisation, a burgeoning middle class, increasing GDP, and more women in education than ever before.

Star Plus is one of India’s biggest entertainment channels – with its biggest female, urban, middle-class audience. We helped it to tune into the changes transforming India, shape her new narrative and so reclaim its place as India’s number one channel.


Star Plus - The Limitless Power of Women from venturethree on Vimeo.




We first worked with Star Plus nearly 10 years ago. Since then, India’s middle-class woman has changed. She wants to be an influencer and to impact the world.

Star Plus was programming boundary-pushing shows with female protagonists taking centre stage. From India to Brazil, TV dramas have the power to influence and change attitudes and behaviours, to change society. We helped Star Plus to see that it was playing an important role for women and in Indian society. 



We created a new platform for Star Plus, ‘The limitless power of women'. From here it could speak about the new generation of strong, courageous women. 

We expressed it by heroing the shows’ female protagonists. We transformed our original brightly shining star identity into a supernova – a star that suddenly increases in brightness because of an explosive change. We used it to illuminate the women with its bright light.

With agencies across the world, we launched the new brand over multiple platforms – on screen, digitally and across India’s urban centres.



Star Plus is once again India’s number one entertainment channel.

The work gave new energy  and focus to teams across the company, uniting them across all communications and products. Star Plus confidently used the idea across all programming, promotions and platforms. 


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