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Across Britain millions of people, in millions of homes, possess what we call ‘Family Super Powers’. These are charming talents, some extraordinary, others simple and sweet.

This integrated campaign celebrates these families and their unsung powers, linking them to the energy provider’s own Super Powers – a new range of innovative products and service


The Insight

npower’s products and services help to simplify family life. 


The Idea

Celebrate the Super Powers in family life, and the extra powers that npower can provide. 


The Super Powers

A super power is a special thing. It’s probably clever, it’s definitely entertaining, it’s something real people do, chances are it’s funny, maybe even cute, insightful or surprising.

The campaign uses ‘real people’, not actors, and a nationwide search was undertaken to unearth these quirky talents. These range from Kenny who can match dates to days, to Milo the family dog who can balance just about anything on his nose.


The Films

The films, which run on VOD, were directed by Finn McGough, known for his fly-on-the-wall documentaries. They showcase the chosen individuals' Super Powers in their own homes. Dave Lamb, famous for his distinctive 'Come Dine With Me' narrative, provides the voiceover for the films, injecting his unique observational humour.

Print and Digital 

The press ads were shot by photographer Jude Edgington whose previous subjects have ranged from Noel Gallagher to Channel 4's Gogglebox, his style being in keeping with the campaign's ambition to celebrate real people in their homes. 

Social and digital media drives people to interact further on the campaign hub where they can show us their Super Powers.

The Results

We have already seen an increase of 5% in brand consideration and have hit business targets for uptake of products featured in the campaign, including the Intelligent Fix Tariff and Nest Learning Thermostat. We have also seen a spike in app downloads and subsequent usage.

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