About us / Vision

Smarter agency intelligence for brands

The marketing industry is now so dynamic and fluid, that an almost encyclopaedic knowledge is required from today's leading marketers.

We aim to provide brands and their teams with impartial market intelligence in unrivalled depth - through a channel that's simple to monitor and analyse at speed.

This covers multiple areas including leading agencies and their work, marketing trends, contemporary developments and competitor activity.

The end-game is simple: stimulating a new generation of razor-sharp marketers and empowering them to make confident decisions about the strategies for their brands and the agencies they do business with.

We deliver this service through a unique mix of technology, content and people. Our website aggregates and delivers industry-wide work based on specified interests; whilst our monthly briefing on marketing trends and our quarterly events (BITE) inspire brands to innovate, disrupt and transform.

We're also a passionate and approachable team who are obsessive about brilliant agencies and their work - driven by a fervent desire to ensure both are more accessible to marketers who feel the same. If you can't find what you're looking for, and would like to talk it through then don't hesitate to get in touch.

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