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Tweet : Jun 24th 2017 21:30
Another Gold for @nytimes' "Dedicated Journalists," this time for Film in Media & Publications at @Cannes_Lions! #D5Cannes #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 24th 2017 19:00
Beyond thrilled to be @Cannes_Lions Independent Agency of the Year for the 3rd year in a row! #D5Cannes #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 24th 2017 18:53
RT @nudd: Big congrats to @ddroga and @droga5 on the Lion of St. Mark award at #CannesLions.
Tweet : Jun 24th 2017 18:48
RT @NatalieRastoin: " All I tried to do in my career is care. Caring is so much more important than wanting" David Droga #canneslions2017
Tweet : Jun 24th 2017 18:48
RT @nudd: Wonderful, emotional speech by @ddroga at #CannesLions. @droga5
Tweet : Jun 24th 2017 18:45
RT @Cannes_Lions: We now move to a very important award – The Lion of St. Mark, which goes to David Droga from @droga5 #CannesLions https:/
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 21:06
.@nytimes' "Dedicated Journalists" takes home a Gold lion for Film Craft in Editing at @Cannes_Lions! #D5Cannes #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 19:30
Shout out to @ADCOLOR for launching the #ComeTogether campaign at @Cannes_Lions! #D5diversity #D5Cannes #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 16:38
Head of Comms Strategy @colleddy chats with @Adweek about the strategy behind our work for @nytimes #D5Cannes
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 16:04
RT @queridonoe: "Keep asking questions, stay curious" #DavidDroga #CannesLions @droga5
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 16:03
@Shannon_Crowe @ddroga We're assuming he can count on your vote!
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 16:01
RT @Cannes_Lions: We've tracked down the first advert @ddroga ever made #CannesLions...
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 16:00
RT @WKWSchool_NTUsg: @droga5 @ddroga @wwsaatchi @marcecko @Drdroga BREAKING NEWS: @ddroga wants to be Prime Minister of Australia ???????? when h
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 15:47
RT @creativebrief: @Cannes_Lions @ddroga If you tell me that the right idea is to blow up the moon, I'll try and blow up the moon #CannesLi
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 15:40
RT @WKWSchool_NTUsg: @droga5 @ddroga .@ddroga learnt the value of being scrappy and feisty in ????????, hard work in ????????, craft in ???????? and scale in
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 15:35
RT @Cannes_Lions: "The size of the idea is more important that the size of the budget" says Lion of St Mark winner @ddroga on stage at #Can
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 15:35
RT @Bizcommunity: "Having a smaller budget and coming from a smaller market allows one to become more creative.” @daviddroga @droga5 #Canne
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 15:35
RT @FCBglobal: "Sometimes having restrictions can propel creativity and success" - David Droga at the Lion of St. Mark Seminar at #CannesLi
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 15:31
RT @patchg: @ddroga with his five brothers @droga5 ;) 191 Cannes lyons won so far and, sure, more to come. #canneslions2017
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 14:51
Don't miss @ddroga's Lion of St Mark interview happening in a few minutes! Watch it here >>> #D5Cannes #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 19:30
#D5London CCO @davidkolbusz emphasizes the responsibility agencies have in creating the best possible work to make an impact. #D5Cannes
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 16:46
Congrats to #D5London on winning the office's first lion! #D5Cannes #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 16:38
.@colleddy addresses the importance of media thinking when executing a creative idea @Cannes_Lions "Inside the Media Jury" panel #D5Cannes
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 15:55
RT @JulianMcBride: "Keep intersectionality as part of your diversity and belonging efforts." - @DiverStar #OMDOasis #D5Cannes #canneslions
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 19:30
Happening today at 4pm EST! GCDs @CaseyRand & Karen Land Short speaking at @Facebook's Cannected. #D5Cannes
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 16:38
Don't miss @ddroga's Lion of St Mark interview on Friday! Watch it here >>> #D5Cannes #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 15:25
@resn_has_no_i @MailChimp So great working with you folks!
Tweet : Jun 20th 2017 20:47
RT @Adweek: Droga’s @MailChimp campaign wins one of 3 Cyber Grand Prix awarded at #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 20th 2017 20:24
RT @Cannes_Lions: The Grand Prix for Integrated Multi-Platform Campaign winner is...."Did you mean @MailChimp?” #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 20th 2017 20:19
Hooray! @MailChimp's "Did You Mean MailChimp?" has won the @Cannes_Lions Cyber Grand Prix in Integrated Multi-Platform campaign! #D5Cannes

Baywatch - Slo Mo Marathon
Slo Mo Marathon
Advertising/Creative, Digital
The world's first marathon run entirely in slow motion to promote the launch of Baywatch the movie.
May 12th 2017 13:22:25
Rustlers - 80 Years of Torment
80 Years of Torment
Advertising/Creative, Digital
History. Wasn’t it terrible? Thank heavens today you can get a flame grilled Rustlers in 90 seconds.
Nov 3rd 2016 16:26:52
Radox - Emo
Even the moodiest people can be happy thanks to Radox’s new mood changing fragrances.
Jul 4th 2016 09:27:49
Rustlers - The 'Commiseration Burger'
The 'Commiseration Burger'
The ‘Realistic Anthem’ for if/when England lose the Euros. Launched with the ‘Commiseration Burger’.
Jun 13th 2016 12:59:10
Vita Coco - Phonetic Karaoke
Vita Coco
(Vita Coco)
Phonetic Karaoke
Vita Coco is the perfect hydration for any occasion. So however you do it, just get thirsty.
May 20th 2016 10:38:57

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