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Making of 'Thunder' in Dubai 

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing for Dubai wanted to promote the city of Dubai to a new global audience through a unique content marketing campaign, to achieve:

25 Millions views (1% engagement rate)

• Drive awareness of Dubai as a destination

• Promote appeal of Dubai as a destination

• Increase consideration of Dubai as a destination




Dubai Tourism asked us to showcase the city Dubai as a holiday destination to the global traveller. But this audience resists tradition advertising. So we took a completely different approach to deliver success - Location Placement - product placement where the product is a destination.

Music videos are the most popular content on YouTube, with 84% of total view. So we used our unique partnership with UMG, and collaborated to place the city of Dubai in the heart of the content people love.

Together we selected Imagine Dragons as the perfect band that would have both a mass appeal as well as love of the city, and created an epic Music video for their top hit single 'Thunder', directed by one of the most recognised director in the music industry, with the cities stunning landscape as a backdrop. As a music video, the film has reach and longevity beyond a normal advertising campaign.

Social posts from the band during and after filming gave the campaign authenticity and brought Dubai into fan conversations organically.  We extended those conversations with additional content showcasing Imagine Dragons enjoying Dubai and what the city has to offer, plus exclusive behind the scenes footage. All content lived natively across Imagine Dragons owned channels. 


The campaign shattered expectations, generating an inital 183 million views - 600% above target - and over 3 million social engagements.

We generated £10 million worth of earned media, with additional paid media deployed strategically to capitalise on the film's nomination for an MTV Video Music Award.

Most importantly, we boosted consideration for Dubai as a holiday destination by 22%.


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