Cheetham Bell

Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Branding / design, Digital

Discover the story behind every can


People don’t think of brands when they're at the fixture. Behaviour is driven by whatever is on promotion. How do you get people to value your brand in a world where people simply don’t value brands?

The Simple Idea

We created a John West brand world, rich in fishing imagery. We focussed on the stories behind the food. In a world first we invented the ‘Can Tracker’ in order to emphasise John West’s uncompromising quality and sustainability credentials. We then invited consumers to ‘Discover the story behind John West’.


For the first time in 4 years John West returned to profit growth.

Our econometrics model has demonstrated over £17m increased sales following
the first wave of the campaign

The campaign delivered an ROI of 9:1.


Stills from TV commercial

Press ad


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