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Food Love Stories

The Challenge

Food quality is a key driver of supermarket choice and trust, but was an area in which Tesco underperformed. Following years of heavy price messaging and negative PR, quality was Tesco's lowest brand attribute.

Despite performing well in blind taste tests, as soon as people learnt the food they were trying was from Tesco, quality perceptions plummeted. We needed to reappraise Tesco’s food quality in order to get people choosing to shop there again.

The Solution

Research revealed the main reason behind Tesco’s poor-quality image was that people thought the retailer was ‘too big to care’. We needed to prove Tesco understood the true value of food and its power to foster relationships and make memories. We also needed a distinctive way of communicating food quality in a crowded space, starting with Tesco colleagues and customers. We recognized that as a nation of food lovers, people already knew how to make the food they love.

It was this insight which led us to Food Love Stories – an idea which celebrates the food people love to make, for the people they love. As a campaign, Food Love Stories has made a fundamental shift to be different by starting with the customer and being in the customer’s world. And Food Love Stories isn’t just an ad campaign. Together with Tesco, we developed a creative platform which inspires and helps people to cook the recipes fully through the line, in-store and at home.


  • It connects with the nation through emotive storytelling and a confident point of view in TV, cinema, radio and online video

  • It inspires people with discoverable, immediate and personable food love stories in the Tesco magazine and on the food love stories online hub

  • It creates human and helpful shopping experiences that demonstrate Tesco’s passion and care for food in store, with sampling, recipe cards and POS

  • It empowers the brand’s greatest advocates, their colleagues, to share their passion for food internally

The Results

Food Love Stories successfully delivered on its 2017 objectives to drive incremental revenue by increasing food quality perceptions (delivering one of Tesco’s highest profit ROIs) and is continuing to run through 2018 and beyond.

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