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The Web is what you make of it


Convince people to switch from their pre-installed browser to the new Google Chrome browser - despite the fact they don’t know what a browser is.


We went back to why Chrome was created in the first place.
To reach the masses Chrome had to completely disrupt industry conventions and stand for more than just functional superiority - it had to deliver on a bigger promise. Chrome is a browser built for doing, not just viewing, so ‘The web is what you make of it’ idea celebrates the amazing possibilities of what can be achieved through the web when empowered with the right tools.
This was a global brand idea and a global executional framework that was localised by each market through identifying real stories of people who had done amazing things on the web. Campaigns for eight countries were produced: UK, US, France, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, India.


37% increase in searches for Chrome post-campaign
Since BBH was appointed to the Google Chrome account it has risen from 3rd to 1st in global browser usage. 

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