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Nothing beats an astronaut


Axe (known as Lynx in the UK) is positioned as a brand that helps guys get ahead in the mating game. ‘The Axe Effect’ isn’t a fragrance - it’s a tool for seduction. Axe’s Apollo variant faced a huge challenge as media fragmentation had made it harder and more expensive to become famous by just creating one big TV ad. At the same time, brands from every category imaginable were jumping on the social bandwagon. Axe needed a big communications idea to cut through the clutter.


One thing remained as true as ever: The AXE Effect is best delivered through dramatic product-demos that are as epic as they are straight-forward. Girls like heroes. And when it comes to heroes, nothing beats an astronaut. We partnered with Space Expedition Corporation to create a global contest offering the outrageous reward of getting a chance to travel to space and return with the ultimate ‘attractiveness story’. Films announced the contest and we used social channels to spread the idea that going to space is the ultimate attraction story. Participation was simple: guys had to register on our dedicated hub site for their chance to win a spot on the AXE Apollo Space Academy®. To win they had to gather ‘likes’ for their entry thus creating organic reach. We further supported the campaign with posters, PR and digital ideas all sending consumers to the site. After the voting phase, the 113 finalists from all over the world were sent to Space Camp® in Florida in November 2013. We documented their journey and created a televised event showing the drama on TV and online.


A massive success commercially:

  • Accounted for up to 20% of brand TO (€1.4bn brand) over the campaign period

  • In key markets (US, Brazil, Mexico), Apollo was the most successful launch of the last 3 years, tracking 13%-17% higher (value sales) than the next biggest launch

  • Winner of the first ever Cannes Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix

AXE became famous on a scale never seen before:

  • 25 million + YouTube views on our videos

  • 20 million + visits to the AASA site

  • 5 million + entrants to AASA

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