Power of Agency Brands: In Conversation with Agency Leaders



What makes a strong agency brand? How does an agency build one? And what can we learn from leading agencies?

These are questions we ask agency leaders across a series of interviews led by Creativebrief’s Stephanie Nattu, Associate Board Director and Business Director. They reveal their secrets, insights and future plans for their own successful agency brands.

An ever-changing agency landscape

As the agency landscape continues to shift, change and become more complex, and client teams are busier than ever before, it’s a real challenge for brands to make sense of the agency landscape.

To cut through the noise, agencies must work on their own brands or they’ll be left behind. We believe that building a strong agency brand is one of the keys to success for any modern-day agency.

In conversation with agency leaders

So, we set out to distil the power of agency brands: why agencies should dedicate time and resource to building up their brands to win big and just how they can go about building them.

From proudly independent creative agencies like Mother to strong digital agencies like Digitas, we hear from leaders on how they grow and build their agency brands.

Our first series of the ‘Power of Agency Brands: In Conversation with Agency Leaders’ will be uploaded regularly over the rest of 2023. Bookmark this page to discover the latest content and follow us on socials for updates.


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