The story of a champion

Creating an identity for an individual is a tricky brief. All the more so when that individual happens to be a global sports star and national treasure: tennis champ Andy Murray. We were certainly up for the challenge – but it demanded a big idea.

The identity we created centres around a hugely significant number for Andy – 77 – combined with his initials. His landmark Wimbledon victory fell on the 7th day of the 7th month, and it had been 77 years since a British man had won the title. This was a number with a story.

Our aim was to create a modern mark that captures Andy’s energy and determination as a warrior on the court. The end result is an identity that is sharp and disciplined – with clean, controlled lines and angles that suggest powerful and consistent shot making.

Andy Murray’s story is exceptional. As brand storytellers, our challenge was to communicate it.

The Moral: An iconic sportsman deserves an iconic mark.

The story of the lucky number 7

We were delighted when tennis champ Andy Murray’s new management company, 77, approached us to create its brand identity.

The number is rich in significance for the Murray camp; it has been 77 years since a British man won the Wimbledon singles title, and Andy’s landmark victory also fell on the seventh day of the seventh month.

Keeping in theme, we created an identity that uses seven auspicious 7s to form a constellation, referencing the agency’s commitment to managing star talent in the future. While we chose to move away from sporting imagery for a more corporate feel, the tennis-ball yellow of the typeface offers a subtle nod to Andy’s prowess on the court.

The Moral: Destinies written in the stars.


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