Vanguard V for Value

The complicated

Vanguard is an investment firm with a unique mission, ‘taking a stand for all investors’. This principle – based on its US structure, where customers own it with no outside shareholders – shapes its actions worldwide. They needed a campaign for the UK and European markets where their entities don't share the US ownership mode.

This difference made it harder to build a narrative for their customer-first positioning. Our challenge wasn’t just getting people to know Vanguard, but to know them for their unique spirit and sense of community – without relying on the US mutual model. 

Our simple solution

Our effective campaign proposition, ‘Value to Investors’ is an invitation to join a movement that ‘democratises’ investing and a statement of Vanguard’s principles. We developed a tiered messaging approach delivered by a diverse cast that warmly invite others to join Vanguard. 

We knew the V-sign brand signifier, standing for both Vanguard and Value and acting as a universal call-to-arms, was ‘sticky’ through a robust research approach. Our design approach, featuring a striking red ‘V’ graphic, created a consistent visual language to build brand recognition across all channels.  

The results

Customer acquisition has never been better, as each week since launch, Vanguard are breaking records. March 2020 saw a 60% uptake in new clients over the previous month and, as of the end of H1, Vanguard registered 54,911 new clients. They are recognised as leading the charge moving into the final part of the year, nearly doubling their number of UK retail investors owing to the clarity of their low-cost, uncomplicated proposition.

Prompted brand awareness objectives were set for 2023. Meanwhile, specific channels are showing positive results: prompted brand awareness is +8.6pts among Sky Adsmart TV viewers who saw our campaign vs those who haven’t. On YouTube, we've seen a 9.4% uplift post exposure, which is above average.

uptake in new clients
Increase in daily website visits
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Vanguard V for Value

A pan-European campaign for Vanguard, positioning them as the people’s champion and bringing ‘Value to Investors’ everywhere.

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