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At Armadillo we dig a little deeper to help brands unearth profitable connections with their customers. We unravel the brief. We explore the insights. We uncover the emotions that drive brand affinity. And we use what we find to build creative CRM solutions that lead to impressive results.






Technology is moving at a thrilling pace

Ann Hiatt, Non-Executive Director at Armadillo, reflects on the challenges facing UK tech companies following her participation in Business Leader's L39 Tech Scale-Up event.


Can British businesses still learn from Silicon Valley? Seven lessons from Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt

Does Silicon Valley really have a secret formula for success? Are those lessons applicable and replicable in the “real world”? The answers are yes, and yes. I’ve spent the last 17 years in Silicon Valley working as the right hand business partner for the most influential CEOs of our generation and I’ve found several small and simple core truths to be applicable across sectors, borders and careers with astronomical results.


Sign In with Apple – what’s the impact on brands’ apps and data strategy?

Nicholas Blake, Head of Data and Digital Operations at Armadillo, discusses how Apple's new 'Sign in with Apple' button is improving customer privacy and affecting brand's apps.


Why clients need agencies now more than ever before

Chris Thurling, Chief Executive at Armadillo, discusses how UK agencies are thriving despite their challenging stereotypes.


The rise of 'package authenticity' and how to hit the right note with every customer

Catrina Law, Associate Planning Director at Armadillo, explores the trends in travel and how brands offering package holidays can cater for travellers looking for individual experiences.


Looking beyond a loyalty card

James Ray, CEO of Armadillo, explains how brands should be looking beyond a loyalty card to create their loyalty strategy.