Smashing Sales for iCandy


iCandy produce arguably the most premium pushchairs on the market, and boast a very loyal customer base due to the quality and longevity of their products. The challenge for this winter sale was to build upon last year's success by reaching new customers, driving an increase in sales and maximising profitability.


By building out winter sale-specific campaigns and highlighting special offers, as well as utilising features such as search countdown customisers, we were able to drive a massive increase in year-on-year sales. Dynamic product remarketing drove a strong conversion rate by encouraging lapsed users to purchase. Optimising towards high value customers also led to an increase in average order value, contributing further to the substantial increase in overall ROI.


Smashing Sales for iCandy

To drive e-commerce success for iCandy’s winter sale, we deployed smart targeting strategies, deep optimisations, and developed engaging creative and copy to showcase their products and offers. The result was a significant increase in year-on-year sales, revenue and overall ROI.

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